The film The Scandalous Four is based on a story by director Christianne van Wijk. “I woke up in the middle of the night with an entire story in my head. This happens to me on a regular basis.”She then proceeded to make it into a theatre play and use film for all the exterior scenes. After the casting process the first rehearsals started. Christianne would explain the setting and atmosphere of each scene, but left it up to the actors to improvise the dialogue. This lead to some hilarious and interesting situations “It was a delight to watch these talented actors blurt out the most comical lines.”
After three months of rehearsals, Christianne realised that the story would be more suited for a film. Lead Actress Samantha Hills, with the help of other fellow actors like Jez Hughes and Alistair Lock, sat down and translated all the improvised lines into the language of the era and into a workable script.
In the mean time, “Twin Sisters” producer Madelon Veldhuizen came on board to help Art of Life Films with the production of the film. In August 2009 the shoot started and by the end of September the film was in the can. Or to be more precise, on the memory card as the film was digitally shot on the Sony EX1. Cinematographer Edilberto Restino used a 35mm lens adapter on the camera which allowed him to attach Nikon lenses with different depths of field.